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Program for Visiting Researchers 


The aim of the program for Visiting Researchers is to enhance academic contact and international presence, and to promote work on issues related to how we can make peace researchable. The Varieties of Peace (VOP) program largely focuses on two research questions: 1) What characterizes peace after the peace processes initiated in the 1990s and how does it vary? and 2) How can this variation be described and explained? The program provides an opportunity for researchers to spend time at the VOP program and work on research related to the aims of the program. Applications can be made once per year (in December for research visits the following year).


The Application deadline is December 10, 2018 for research visits during 2019.


During the stay, the visiting researcher is expected to work on publications in line with the VOP research agenda. While ample time is given for research, the visiting fellow is also expected to present their work at a seminar and participate in other VOP activities. The visit may also be aimed at establishing long-term collaboration between researchers within VOP and the visiting fellow.


The visiting researcher is expected to engage in the VOP program either at Umeå University or Uppsala University, and if largely based in Uppsala a shorter visit to Umeå is required. Office space is available for the whole duration of the stay in Umeå. Offices may be arranged in Uppsala dependent on availability during the specific time period in question.


As a visiting researcher you are expected to:

  1. Present your work at a VOP seminar

  2. Publications that result from the research done during the stay with VOP should name the Varieties of Peace program (grant number M16-0297:1) and the period of residence in Sweden. A copy of the publication should be sent to

  3. At the end of the stay a 100 word summary report should be sent to  (to be used in annual report for VOP)

  4. Provide a profile photo to be used on the VOP website and other social media.

  5. The length of the stay is about one month.


There are two types of fellowships:

1.  Junior visiting researcher (post-doc stipend)

If you received your PhD within the last 3 years, you are eligible for a post-doc stipend.

The stipend (40 000 SEK) is meant to cover costs for travel, accommodation and additional living expenses.[1] The postdoc visiting researcher needs to ensure that the necessary insurances (health and travel) are in order prior to visit.[2] Note that this application should also be sent directly to, details below). For a full description of this stipend, see  .

2.  Senior visiting researcher at VOP

If you received your PhD 3 or more years ago, you are eligible for this. Costs for travel and accommodation are paid directly by the VOP program. This application is only submitted to the VOP program, details below.



The application should contain:

  1. A short description of the research intended to be carried out at VOP, clearly indicate how the work contributes to the aims of the Varieties of Peace research agenda (maximum one page).

  2. Curriculum vitae with a list of publications.

  3. Copies of two most relevant publications.

  4. Copies of doctoral degree certificate and other relevant exam certificates.

  5. Clearly indicate the intended time period of your stay.

  6. Clearly indicate the intended placement of your stay.

  7. Budget.

  8. Your contact details.

  9. Other documents you wish to claim.



Clearly state which kind of visiting research position the application concerns (Junior visiting researcher or Senior visiting researcher). The application for senior visiting researcher should be sent to Johanna Söderström (, whereas the application for junior visiting researchers should be sent to (marked with reference number FS 2.1.6-2167-18, reference number also in the subject line).


The deadline this year is December 10 2018. Download the call for visiting researchers here

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Johanna Söderström. 

[1] The stipend is not to be confused with a job application, or a salaried position.

[2] Note that individuals who during the last two years have received salary or other monetary contributions from Umeå University cannot apply.


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