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Dzenan Sahovic

Elite responses to international involvement


My research interest is the dynamics of interactions between international involvement and political elites in complex peacebuilding processes. At issue is a systemic understanding of different modes of intervention and how political landscape adapts to pressures from the outside. The knowledge about these interactions is necessary for in-depth understanding of how peace processes can become sustainable and lead to a resilient peace, and ultimately why peace processes succeed or fail.


The work in Varieties of Peace will build on a case study of Office of High Representative in Bosnia Herzegovina ten years after the signing of Dayton Peace Agreement  (Sahovic, 2007) and it will even expand to investigate other comparable cases such as Kosovo. The goal is to map different types of involvement in different policy areas as well as different types of responses. In this, the research will contribute with a more nuanced knowledge about the role of international involvement in post-conflict societies, as well as contribute with a socio-cultural model of understanding of both variety of post-conflict peace and variety post-conflict peacebuilding processes.

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