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PRIS Conference in Lund, 27-28 September 2018

Last week members of the Varieties of Peace team – Patrik Johansson, Anna Jarstad, Dzenan Sahovic, Abrak Saati, Elisabeth Olivius and Malin Åkebo – participated in the PRIS conference in Lund.

The team had much looked forward to presenting their work, and gathering the views of other distinguished scholars at the conference. Patrik Johansson and Abrak Saati presented their paper “Developing a Typology of Peaces”, Malin Åkebo presented “Friends, Fellows and Foes: A new framework for studying relational peace” co-written with Anna Jarstad and Johanna Söderström, Dzenan Sahovic presented his paper “Grid-Group Typology of Peaces – Analysis of Peace Process Dynamics in Post-Dayton Bosnia Herzegovina”, and Elisabeth Olivius, her paper entitled “What is the price for this peace? Women’s experiences of peace(s) after ceasefires in Myanmar”. The conference was a good experience, and the Varieties of Peace researchers look forward to continuing their work on these topics, and also look forward to presenting new findings at the next PRIS conference which will take place in Uppsala in 2020.

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