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Varieties of Peace at ISA 60th Annual Convention in Toronto Canada

The Varieties of Peace research program participated in the largest meeting of peace studies scholars, the International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention, which was held between 26th and 30th of March in Toronto Canada.

Two different panels included presentations by members of the program, advisory board members, and distinguished invited guests.

The first panel, Conceptualizing and Exploring Varieties of Peace I, was chaired by Timothy Sisk and the discussant was Marie-Joëlle Zahar. The following papers were discussed:

1. Reviewing Relationships of Peace: A New Framework for Studying Peace as Relations

Authors: Anna Jarstad (Umeå University and Uppsala University), Johanna J. Söderström (Uppsala University), Malin Åkebo (Umeå University)

2. Measuring Peace in War

Author: Susanna P. Campbell (American University)

3. The Challenge of “Pacifist Peace” to the Varieties of Peace in IR

Author: Richard Jackson (University of Otago)

4. Uncertain Faith in Uncertain Times: Re-Envisioning the Role of Religion in Peace Processes

Author: Jason Klocek (University of Notre Dame)

The second panel, Conceptualizing and Exploring Varieties of Peace II, was chaired by Morten Bøås and the discussant was Lorraine Elliott. The following papers were discussed:

1. Peacebuilding Amidst Violence in Myanmar: “Development” as a Path to Peace or a Cause of Conflict?

Author: Elisabeth Olivius (Umeå University)

2. Not Positive Peace, But What? The Underpinnings of Peace in Malawi, Botswana and Zambia

Author: Johan Brosche (Uppsala University)

3. Grid-Group Model Analysis of 20 Years of Peace in Bosnia

Author: Dzenan Sahovic (Umeå University)

4. ‘Coexistence’ Ceasefire in Mindanao

Author: Malin Åkebo (Umeå University)

5. Ethnic Minority Women, Diversity, and Informal Participation in Peacebuilding in Myanmar

Author: Mollie Pepper (Northeastern University)

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