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Varieties of Peace workshop held in Umeå this week

With the fall semester approaching, the Varieties of Peace research program started its seminar activities with a workshop introducing the research of our current guest researchers Lars Waldorf (Dundee Law School) and Daniela Lai (London South Bank University).

Lars presented his work on agonistic peace as well as his work on illiberal peacebuilding, while Daniela presented her research on commodity chains and transitional justice.

Article drafts were also presented by VoP core group members Niklas Eklund and Malin Wimelius (on ideational analysis of peace and Russian ideas about peace), Elisabeth Olivius (on gender and development-insecurity nexus in Myanmar), Anna Jarstad (on relational peace research in Northern Mitrovica), and by VoP post-doc Nilanjana Premaratna (on peace theatre in Sri Lanka).

The full day workshop was held on Tuesday the 20th of August. The seminar series continues in September 2019.

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