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  • Alejandro Esteso Pérez

New varieties of peace special issue on Indonesian Quarterly

Indonesian Quarterly has recently published a special issue on “Varieties of Peace in Asia”, guest edited by Elisabeth Olivius and Veronica Strandh.

The issue contains contributions on ASEAN’s adoption of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda by Fitriani, on peace and the protection of minority rights by Benjamin Pwee, and on the prevention of Ethnic conflict in West Kalimantan by Asmawitha Fithri. Together, these pieces of research highlights how notions of peace, as well as institutions, practices and relationships that can foster peace, are shaped by and need to be anchored in their specific context of implementation. All three articles show that the experience of peace differs between people in the same location along axes of inequality and difference such as gender, ethnicity, and religion. In exploring how peace varies, we thus need to attend to variation across space and place as well as to variation between differently positioned individuals and groups within society.

Shedding new light on these issues in their respective empirical settings, these three articles constitute important contributions to an ongoing research effort aiming to provide a fuller picture of what peace is, how it is manifested, experienced, and understood, and how this varies.

This Indonesian Quarterly special issue is available in its entirety on our publications page.

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