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  • Alejandro Esteso Pérez

[CLOSED] Call for Papers: Women’s Labour and Civil War project

The Women’s Labour and Civil War project, located at the Stockholm Defence University, calls for abstracts outlining research papers or conversations to be part of an online or offline workshop in February 2022, and a Special Issue.

The project invites proposals that explore the role gendered labour plays in settings of rebel warfare, and in particular, the ways in which militarized social reproduction (Hedström 2020) affect both rebel governance projects and the women involved in such labour.

This Call for Papers welcomes works that expand on the ways in which intimate relations and care practices are structured in relation to rebel demands; how women employ or make use of gendered norms to enable or reject rebel projects; and how gendered labour underpin military projects in rebel territories, and related themes.

Submissions can be purely theoretical in nature, or focused on a particular geographical area or conflict. They can also be in the form of conversations between scholars and activists/community members.

Submit your paper proposal/abstract to Jenny Hedström: by September 5, 2021.

See the full call here:

Call for Papers Women's Labour and Civil
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