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  • Alejandro Esteso Pérez

Just out: 'Peace, Development, and the Unresolved Land Issue in South Africa'

Varieties of Peace Research Network founder Anna Jarstad just published her most recent article 'Peace, Development, and the Unresolved Land Issue in South Africa' in Journal of Peacebuilding & Development.

Power sharing where former enemies form joint governments are common stipulations in peace agreements. South Africa is a case where power sharing involving parties representing both Blacks and Whites eased the transition from apartheid to democracy, and its success has often been referred to as a “miracle”. Yet, a quarter century after the end of apartheid, it is clear that a major issue that was not resolved during the peace negotiations—the land issue—still shapes the character of the peace. 

Drawing on interviews conducted with activists in three informal settlements in Johannesburg, as well as interviews with the Orania Movement and South African MPs, Jarstad shows how the unresolved land issue affects the various parts of society and has profound consequences for the character of peace in South Africa, the level of security, health issues, economic development, and the issue of citizenship and belonging.

Access the full text through our publications page or find it here.


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