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Launch of Relational Peace Practices!

You are warmly invited to the digital book launch of Relational Peace Practices June 13 at 2.15-3.45 pm CET. Just follow this link:

Relational Peace Practices develops a novel framework for studying relational peace and applies it to several empirical cases. The book contributes to a more nuanced understanding of peace beyond the absence of war by recognizing peace as a web of multiple interactions across time, space and levels of analysis.

During the seminar you will hear from the editors Anna Jarstad, Johanna Söderström and Malin Åkebo. You will hear snapshots from chapters on elite relations in Cambodia and intergroup relations in South Africa. Elisabeth Olivius and Jenny Hedström will also present their chapter “‘They treat us like visitors in our own house’: relational peace and local experiences of the state in Myanmar”. Manuela Nilsson will present her chapter “Colombian civilian and military actors' perceptions of their relationship in the era following the 2016 peace accord.” Roberto Belloni, Trento University, will act as discussant and Joakim Kreutz, Uppsala University will chair the event.

The book is available open access online, for instance on the Manchester open hive, where you can download all the chapters You can also order a hardcover book on the website of Manchester University Press.

We look forward to sharing this event with you!


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